All of our MC College programmes have the same validation as those offered at our any USA campus of Montgomery College. This means our students have the benefit of receiving their certificate from the USA whilst being able to study in one of the most dynamic, vibrant and rapidly developing cities in the world.

Desert Side Training Institute, Dubai provides Student Visas for all non-national students studying on any of our academic programmes, and our dedicated team ensures this process is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our students are able to learn to work in a multicultural environment and benefit from the insights and viewpoints of an internationally diverse range of students and faculty.

Our students are able to benefit from opportunities to attend and participate at high profile research conferences, events and panels organised both on and off-campus Dubai Knowledge Park, and gain valuable industry contacts through the institute’s connections.

We understand the importance of rewarding students for their current and ongoing achievements, and our Scholarships offer a financial reward to new students. Detailed information about our scholarships and fee structure are available on our pricing page.

All courses are low hanging fruits for all who are looking for a quick entry to the job market in Dubai. The courses are completed within three to four months and get certificates.

Community colleges teach various skills through courses needed in a globalised economy. They provide skill-based education relevant to both old and new economies. Bringing the community college experience in Dubai Knowledge Park, DSTI helps create highly skilled human resources at an affordable price.

Students who complete the course can pursue their higher education in any campus of Montgomery College, USA. Desert Side Training Institute will assist the students for their F1 Student visa.

Students studying one of our programmes having our student visa are able to hold part-time jobs in any of the over 4,500 businesses located in its free zones.

What really sets Dubai apart is its ability to attract the world’s top companies, providing plenty of opportunities for graduates to fast track their career in a multitude of professional roles.