Course Overview

We offers four levels of training programmes in Spanish differently tailored for school children, engineers, management graduates, businessmen, professionals etc.. The instruction adopts a communicative approach where the participant will start practicing the language from the very first lesson. Moreover, the training follows international benchmarks of teaching and learning in order to achieve international equivalency of proficiency.

Course Content

  • Listening skills: the lessons make maximum use of authentic listening fragments.
  • Speaking skills: by the end of this course, you can participate without any preparation in conversations related to topics you are familiar with. You can also link sentences in a simple way.
  • Writing skills: are only dealt with to a small extent. By the end of this course you can write simple coherent texts about topics you are familiar with.
  • Specific grammatical items: los tiempos del pasado (formación y uso), los relativos, el subjuntivo (formación y uso), el estilo indirecto.
Learn Spanish at Ma'din


Upon completion of the program, the Institute will provide a training certificate attested by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Govt of Dubai (KHDA).


  • This course is aimed at enhancing further the linguistic skills of a person who already has a fairly good knowledge of Spanish
  • Medium of teaching is English. However the tutors are available for natives in Arabic, German, Catalan, Hindi and Malayalam.

Course Details

Mode of Teaching
Online & Hybrid / Offline On Demand

40 Hours of total duration.
B1.1 (20 Hours)
B1.2 (20 Hours)

Available Class Type
Group / Private