Learn how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to social, humanitarian or environmental challenges and to your business needs.  This course starts with concepts of AI, ML, programming languages involved in ML and its algorithms. Later it moves on to basics of deep learning and AI algorithms, Advanced AI Tools.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction of AI
  • Demand for AI
  • Application of AI
  • Types of AI
  • Programing Languages for AI
  • AI vs ML vs DL
  • Machine Learning – AI
  • AI- Types of Machine Learning
  • AI – Supervised learning algorithms
  • Linear regression – AI

Hands on Practical

  • Installation of Python for AI
  • Essentials and Advance Python
  • Pandas for AI
  • Numpy and Matplotlib
  • Seaborn and Scikit Learn
  • SQL setup and Queries
  • Linear Regression Algorithm for AI
  • Decision Tree Algorithm
  • KNN Algorithm
  • Random Forest Algorithm

Introduction to Advanced AI

  • AI – Deep Learning
  • AI -Tensorflow
  • Tensor Flows – Convolution
  • Neural Network
  • Tensor Flows – Keras
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Tableau
  • Create, View, Sort, Visualize data using Tableau

Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available

Online – Group, Private

Duration of Course

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Level 1 – 35 Hours

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Advanced – 40 Hours

Suits for

Beginner level students can enroll.


Secondary education recommended. Basic knowledge of computer applications and internet tools is required. Understanding of medium of instruction in English.


Course completion certificate is from Institute and the course participation certificate is provided with Dubai KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Attestation.

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