Project Description

This is an introductory course in penetration testing. Learn to identify web applications with vulnerabilities and to exploit those vulnerabilities the same way that hackers do. Learn to use the tools used by hackers, penetration testers and security researchers to ascertain if your application is vulnerable to attack. Explore SQL injections, cross-site scripting, cross site request forgery and more. Learn to modify web requests, cookies and remote databases. This course is for web developers, programmers, site administrators and those interested in cybersecurity.


15 Hours as 5 Sessions


5 Sessions of 3 hours. Total course duration is 15 hours.


ITI 172 - Cybersecurity-Websecurity I


ITI 172 – Cybersecurity-Websecurity I


Basic understanding of how the web works and what cybersecurity is.


Basic understanding of how the web works and what cybersecurity is.

  • Identify and understand web application security fundamentals, threats and defensive measures.
  • Recognize how to harden web code and defend applications against attacks on form validation, user authentication, access control authorization, session management, passwords, and other threats.
  • Develop web application design, planning, coding, and other tactics and strategies to protect dynamic, user-input web sites from common and prevalent security threats.

Certificate of Completion

This certificate of completion will be co-branded with Montgomery College, Maryland, USA and Desert Side Training Institute (Approved by Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai).

Course Fee

3000 AED

Registration Fee

100 AED

Payment Installment

Payment can be made at three installment and altogether at a time.
1500 AED, 1000 AED, 500 AED

  • First Installment at the time of registration.
  • The second and third instalment are mentioned on the invoice along with the timeline at the time of registration.

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