Project Description

This course is designed for web developers, programmers, and web site administrators and provides instruction on how to protect web databases and defend against browser attacks. Topics include: SQL injection attacks and parameterized query defenses; preventing back-end component threats including injection attacks on XML interpreters, HTTP requests and email services; browser security threats including Same Origin Policy; Cross-site request forgery; JavaScript hijacking; file and source code protection; and secure deployment.


15 Hours as 5 Sessions


5 Sessions of 3 hours. Total course duration is 15 hours.


ITI 173 - Cybersecurity-Websecurity II


ITI 173 – Cybersecurity-Websecurity II


Cybersecurity I or equivalent experience.


Cybersecurity I or equivalent experience.

  • Identify and understand common security and browser threats to web application databases and site users.
  • Recognize the concepts and tactics to develop defenses for against browser, XSS threats, SQL injection attacks and others.
  • Apply and understand industry standard resources to help protect and deploy secure web applications.

Certificate of Completion

This certificate of completion will be co-branded with Montgomery College, Maryland, USA and Desert Side Training Institute (Approved by Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai).

Course Fee

3000 AED

Registration Fee

100 AED

Payment Installment

Payment can be made at three installment and altogether at a time.
1500 AED, 1000 AED, 500 AED

  • First Installment at the time of registration.
  • The second and third instalment are mentioned on the invoice along with the timeline at the time of registration.

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