Course Overview

This course is to non-native speakers by enabling students to master basic language skills (listening = speaking =
reading = writing).

Course Details


  1. Relying on the common vocal groups in the director, and on the basis of them, the letters were divided into groups
  2. Linking letters with short and long vowels and sukoon
  3. Training the student to write letters in different forms with all kinds of movements, in preparation for mastering writing
  4. Gradual approach to vocal groups starting from the closest and easiest exits, namely the lips, to the most difficult one, which is the throat.
  5. Displaying different images to draw the letter in its various stages (beginning, middle, and end of the word), connected or separate
  6. Link the vocabulary to the pictures that express it
  7. Variety of vocabulary used
  8. Attaching each unit to simplified exercises
  9. Recognizing Tanween and Alif Lam Definition
  10. Various exercises

Mode of Teaching Available

Online – Group, Private
Classroom – Group, Private

Duration of Course

20 Hours

Target Audience

School and college students. Working professionals, job seekers. All non-Arabic speakers.




Various tests are carried out during the sessions periodically to follow up on the student’s level.

Course Material

A variety of references and approaches are presented during the sessions.


The course participation certificate is provided with Dubai KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Attestation.

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