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Why Learn English with Desert Side Training Institute?

  • Expert Instructors:
    Our English courses are led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who are native speakers and possess a deep understanding of the language’s nuances. They bring authenticity and real-world expertise to the classroom.

  • Customized Learning:
    We understand that every learner is unique. Our courses are tailored to accommodate beginners, intermediate learners, and those seeking advanced proficiency. This personalized approach ensures that your learning experience is efficient and effective.

  • Interactive and Engaging:
    Our curriculum is designed to be interactive and engaging. You’ll actively participate in conversations, practice your writing and reading skills, and gain practical language experience from day one.

  • Flexible Schedules:
    We recognize the challenges of a busy schedule. That’s why we offer flexible class timings, including morning, afternoon, and evening options, allowing you to choose a schedule that suits your lifestyle and commitments.

  • Business English:
    For professionals, our courses offer the opportunity to acquire language skills specific to the business world. This can be a valuable asset for effective communication and career advancement.

  • Personal Growth:
    Mastering a new language is personally fulfilling and enriching. It boosts your cognitive skills, enhances self-confidence, and adds a valuable skill to your repertoire.

  • Global Networking:
    English is the language of global communication. Learning it allows you to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and regions, fostering an extensive network and global friendships.

  • Dubai KHDA Certification:
    Upon successful completion of our English Language Training Course, you will receive an Dubai Govt. KHDA recognized certificate, a valuable addition to your resume and a testament to your language proficiency.

  • Convenient Location:
    Desert Side Training Institute is conveniently located in Dubai Knowledge Park, providing easy access to students from across the city.

Our programme is structured as per the internationally recognized Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and includes the following courses:


Elementary English32 Hours ( 6 Weeks)
Intermediate English32 Hours ( 6 Weeks)
Upper Intermediate English32 Hours ( 6 Weeks)
Advanced English32 Hours ( 6 Weeks)

Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available

Classroom and Online, Private and Group teachings available.

Duration of Course

Elementary/ Intermediate : 32 Hours
Upper Intermediate/ Advanced: 32 Hours
3 Month, 6 Month and Crash Courses are available.


Certificate is provided at the end of the program. Certificate is attested by KHDA, Government of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Begin Your English Language Journey with Us

Learning English at Desert Side Training Institute opens the door to new opportunities in both personal and professional spheres. Whether you’re planning to travel to English-speaking countries, enhancing your career prospects, or simply indulging in the joy of mastering a new language, our English Language Training Course is the perfect choice for you.

Contact us today to enroll in our upcoming English language classes and start your exciting journey towards becoming a confident English speaker.