Elementary mastering of the language. The person can understand separated texts about familiar fields. He can communicate in current situations, and evocate with simple means of questions concerning him.

Course Objectives

Written Comprehension: The person can read short and simple texts. He can find the predictable information in current documents: small announcement, prospectus, menus and schedule.

Language Structure: Grammatical competence being acquired. The person master elementary structures, which allows him to communicate at this level.

Oral Comprehension: The person can understand current vocabulary and relative expressions concerning him very closely. He can input the essentials of simple and clear texts and announcements.

Oral Expression: The person can use a serial sentence or expressions to describe in simple terms, persons, life conditions, his training and his current or recent professional activity.

Written Expression: The person can redact notes and simple texts in a familiar field. He can write a simple personal letter.

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Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available

Classroom and Online, Private and Group teachings available.

Duration of Course

32 Hours (3 – 4 Weeks)


Certificate is provided at the end of the program. Certificate is attested by KHDA, Government of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.