This course is for the students who know basic English but need to improve their grammar and enhance their vocabulary

Course Objectives

  • Talk with confidence about needs and familiar topics of personal relevance.
  • Show relatively fluent and connected speech.
  • Follow very broadly the gist of oral communication between native speakers in more demanding contexts (e.g. radio broadcasts, formal conversations, etc.)
  • Catch the main point in short, clear, simple messages.
  • Show a range of common everyday vocabulary.
  • Understand the purpose, main ideas, and some detail in some authentic 2-3 paragraph texts.
  • Use a variety of simple structures and some complex ones when speaking

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Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available

Classroom and Online, Private and Group teachings available.

Duration of Course

32 Hours Program.


Certificate is provided at the end of the program. Certificate is attested by KHDA, Government of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.