Course Overview

This course is designed to make the transition from Intermediate to Advanced level easier. It provides a perfect consolidation before you proceed with the Advanced Level program.

Course Details


  1. This course looks at important topics of Arabic grammar. It uses only Arabic script.
  2. Extensive Arabic reading texts with comprehension.
  3. Arabic Language Communication skills with presentation tasks.

Mode of Teaching Available

Online – Group, Private
Classroom – Group, Private

Duration of Course

30 Hours

Target Audience

School and college students. Working professionals, job seekers. All non-Arabic speakers.


Intermediate Arabic / Pass in screening test.


Various tests are carried out during the sessions periodically to follow up on the student’s level.

Course Material

A variety of references and approaches are presented during the sessions.


The course participation certificate is provided with Dubai KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Attestation.

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