Module: 1 (Intro Level)

45 days (Total-60 hrs, Weekly 10 hours). Pre-Basic to Basic.


  • To get acquainted with the spoken language
  • Learn to converse in simple predictable situation
  • Start with vocabulary development
  • Start developing skills in writing, reading, listening, & speaking
  • Introducing phonetics.

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Module: 2 (Level 1)

45 days (Total-60 hrs, Weekly 10 hours). Basic to Intermediate.


  • To build vocabulary
  • To Introduce the Idiom and phonetic base of the English Language
  • To understand and use a few simple grammatical structure
  • To develop fluency in reading, speaking & writing

Module: 3 (Level 2)

45 days (Total-60 hrs, Weekly 10 hours). Intermediate to Upper Intermediate.


  • To Increase vocabulary
  • To focus on pronunciation, i.e., phonetics base of English
  • To understand and use the idiom of the English language (more words, phrases & sentences)
  • To further develop fluency in reading speaking & writing

Module: 4 (Level-3)

45 days (Total-60 hrs, Weekly 10 hours). Upper Intermediate to Advanced. Awareness of the English language.


  • To develop fluency in speaking, To improve writing skills,
  • To acquire the right accent, To become more proficient in grammar
  • To become expressive and articulate speaker
  • To develop strategies for vocabulary development, listening, reading, writing & speaking
  • To development presentation skills