Course Overview

This course is for the students who know basic English but need to improve their grammar and enhance their vocabulary

Course Details
Mode of Teaching: Online / Classroom
Hours: 30
Available Class Type: Group and Private.
Certificate: Certificate attested by KHDA

Course Details
Mode of TeachingOnline / Classroom
Available Class TypeGroup and Private.
CertificateCertificate attested by KHDA
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  • Talk with confidence about needs and familiar topics of personal relevance.
  • Show relatively fluent and connected speech.
  • Follow very broadly the gist of oral communication between native speakers in more demanding contexts (e.g. radio broadcasts, formal conversations, etc.)
  • Catch the main point in short, clear, simple messages.
  • Show a range of common everyday vocabulary.
  • Understand the purpose, main ideas, and some detail in some authentic 2-3 paragraph texts.
  • Use a variety of simple structures and some complex ones when speaking
Jitha AJ

Program Advisor

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