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The Business English Course is a short term multi-level program for working professionals. The main objective of this course is to make businessmen & women proficient in social interactions and business communications.

Key takeaways from this course

By the end of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Make effective presentations in business situations
  • Accurately use the language of negotiations
  • communicate confidently and effectively in business meetings
  • Use specialist vocabulary informal business and colloquial business jargon
  • Recognize the features of different genres of business correspondence, such as memos, emails, and business letters as well as business articles and essays
  • Employ strategies to be a successful employee or employer in the workplace
  • Prepare for and participate in debates on business topics
  • Follow and demonstrate an understanding of lectures, talks and interviews on business topics delivered by authentic business specialists

Course Outline

Course duration: 22 hrs ( Completes in 6 weeks)
Number of training sessions: 11
Session duration: 2 hrs
Training days: Monday and Wednesday
Timing: 5 PM – 7 PM

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