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The communicative English course is a short term, a multi-level program for the Beginner and Intermediate level young adult and adult learners. The course aims to build accurate and fluent communication skills in the learners by extending the grammatical, lexical and functional knowledge of the learner. It also aims at the English language used for everyday situations and purposes related to work, social life and leisure.

Key takeaways from this course

  • Identify the most appropriate and effective media for communication
  • Determine the purpose of oral discourse
  • State ideas clearly
  • Communicate ethically
  • Adjust one’s own communicative approach based on the need and situation
  • Understand barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Employ vocal variety in pitch, tone, and intensity
  • Structure a message for effectiveness with an introduction, main points, useful transitions and a conclusion.
  • Demonstrate nonverbal behavior that supports the verbal message
  • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills for various contexts
  • Display self-awareness as a communicator

Course Outline

Course duration: 22 hrs ( Completes in 6 weeks)
Number of training sessions: 11
Session duration: 2 hrs
Training days- Sunday and Tuesday

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