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Desert Side Training Institute, Dubai provides student visas for all non-national students studying on any of our academic programmes, and our dedicated team ensures this process is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

This allows you to study and reside in the country for a 12-month (renewable) period, to cover the duration of your program.

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To ease your transition to life in the UAE, we have a dedicated International Student Desk that provides enhanced support services when you first arrive and during your early weeks at DSTI.

Even before you arrive, we can provide support during the application process through our network of overseas representatives, and we have a simple visa sponsorship program that allows you to secure your residency in the UAE before arrival.

Applying for a Visa

To apply for visa sponsorship, the following steps are required. You will need to submit Application Form online along with the following documentation to your Student Recruitment Office:

Visa Application Form
  • Clear colour passport copy (with at least 6 months validity) – Upload in the online form.
  • Passport size photo (white background) – Upload in the online form.
  • Receipt for visa and tuition fees.
  • Copy of current visa (if you are inside UAE) – Upload in the online form.
  • Copy of offer of admission letter (only for new students).

The new visa application process normally takes 7-14 working days to receive entry permit and normally applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities. However, some applications can take up to 1 month or more. Some visa applicants may also be required to submit additional documentation by the UAE government authorities (e.g. attested birth certificate, translated in Arabic).

Student Visa Cost
  • 1-year visa (Outside UAE): 5,950 AED
  • 1-year visa (Inside UAE): 7600 AED

The visa fees are inclusive of the below charges.

  • Visa Stamping
  • Medical Health Certificate
  • Emirates ID

The visa fees are exclusive of the below charges.

  • Medical Insurance Fees. Student’s can obtain insurance at their convenience or the institute can do this. The fee varies. (800 AED – 1600 AED).
  • Visa Deposit of 2000 AED, which the institute may use to meet visa-related expenses that occur throughout your studies at DSTI. You are eligible for a refund of the balance remaining of this charge after visa cancellation.
Cancellation / Renewal of Visas

If you wish to terminate your studies prior to the expiry of your visa, the DSTI sponsored visa will be cancelled immediately and you will need to make arrangements to leave the country or seek other forms of sponsorship.

Student visa process

Get Admission

Get admission to your preferred programme. Connect with our program advisor or any of our nearest agents to get our course details and ensure your admission. Upon the confirmation of your admission, we will send you an admission offer letter along with a payment invoice. 

Application forms for our courses are found here.

Visa Application

After the payment of the first invoice (Which includes the visa fee and initial course fee), the student has to fill the application form for a visa. The student needs to have a Google Account to fill the form. Institute will process the visa application as soon as the payment confirmation and successful submission of the online form.

Visa Application Form
Transit / Visa Change

Once the entry permit is issued, the student needs to travel to UAE to complete the visa process. Applicants inside the UAE will be intimidated about the next procedure of the visa application by the Students Recruitment Office. Medical test, visa stamping, insurance, and visa status change if required will be held in this stage. During this period, the student has to pay the visa security deposit and sign the policy documents required. After the visa stamping on the passport, the Emirates ID application is processed. EID is collected at Emirates Post / authorised agency.

Simple student visa process

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